1. Mass Awareness creation:
    • An Appeal was made to public through print media (local dailies) on Biodiversity Conservation by the Member Secretary, NSBB and published on 22nd May, 2024. It called upon all citizens to come forward for biodiversity conservation to address issues of climate change, global warming, ecological/water/food security etc., and also to ensure availability of biological resources for future generation.
    • Printing and Dissemination of IDB Pamphlets: Pamphlet on Significance of IDB/ BD Act/ and role of communities in biodiversity conservation were printed and distributed to various BMCs, Civil Bodies organisation, students and other participants during the IDB event celebration.
  2. Pre-event celebration: This program was organised by Care-Centre for Environment and Rural Poor (C-CERP) in collaboration with Nagaland SBB. It was held on 17th May, 2024 at St. Xavier Hr. Sec. School, Jalukie Town, to mark the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity, 2024 with the theme, “Be Part of the Plan” which serves as a rallying cry to halt and reverse the decline of biodiversity. It aimed to inculcate the need for biodiversity conservation and also encourage the school children to share, express and depict wildlife conservation. A total of 134 students from eight (8) schools participated in the competitions. Additionally, Mesua ferrea (Nahar) tree seedlings were distributed to the faculty members of the participating schools.
  1. IDB Celebration on 22nd May 2024: The International Day for Biological Diversity 2024 was celebrated with the theme “Be Part of the Plan” on 22 May 2024 in Jalukie Town, Peren District. It was organised by the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board (NSBB) in collaboration with C-CERP and the participants include the Zeliang Public Organisation, Youth organisation, Students’ Union of Zeliang Tribe, Wild Life Division of Nagaland and Peren Forest Division. All together there were 150 participants in the event. The welcome address was delivered by Mrs. Liangsi Niumai, Director C-CERP, where she welcomed all the participants by stating that “If our biological diversity is restored, it guarantees Life and Health, because when Health is in Danger, Life is in Danger”. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Supongnukshi, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forest and Member Secretary. He appreciated and encouraged the student participants to take part in protecting the planet. He also briefed on why the International Biodiversity Day is celebrated every year on 22nd May. that He also emphasized on the roles the Biodiversity Management Committee has to play in managing and conserving their bioresources. He stressed on the only Intangki National Park which is a prestige for Nagaland. Further he emphasized that climate change is already affecting us and that we need to come together to protect biodiversity to minimize risk of climate change consequences. The Special Guest, Mr. T. Aochuba, IFS, Field Director, Intangki National Park in his speech shared about the impact of loss of biodiversity the future generations. He reiterated that the IDB is declared by the United Nation and is celebrated globally every year to create awareness on biodiversity issues and call upon everyone to “Be Part of the Plan” which is drawn from the adoption of Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework – The Biodiversity Plan. While appreciating the C-CERP for taking the initiative in conservation and environmental related issues, he emphasized on the need to create massive awareness and sensitize everyone around us on importance of protecting and conserving our resources before all is lost. Mr. Punseni Khing, ACF, Peren Division stated that we take a lot from biodiversity but our contribution towards its protection is very less. We can use the bioresources sustainably and stop overexploitation. Great responsibility rests on our Biodiversity Management Committee (BMCs) for protecting it from exploitation. He also stated that mushrooming hamlets as one of the biggest threats to biodiversity in Nagaland and that we need to address this issue. Mr. Kevipele Iheilung, President Zeliang People Organization stressed on the importance of Biodiversity conservation and highlighted issues of land degradation due to short cycle jhumming. He highlighted on the practices of alder-based cultivation of Khonoma, a traditional agri practice to ensure sustainability. He emphasized on the introduction of non-local species like which led to the decline of local species (eg. Orange fruit trees). He stated Animal like hoolock gibbon were present in many places of Peren district before but now is no available except in Intangki NP. The President Zeliang Students’ Union, Mr. Adaube Hiekha, Nagaland lauded the Forest Department for their continuous support and effort in protecting INP. He also stated that as of record there are 74 Community Conserved Areas in Peren District alone and that communities are integral part of biodiversity conservation. He called upon the gathering to adopt and advocate for conservation policies. Reiterating the importance of biodiversity conservation, Mr. Kingsalt Hegwang, President Zeliang Students’ Union, Peren District stated that conservation should be part of everyone responsibility and should start from individual particularly from one’s own home. One of the representatives from the 16 BMCs also asserted the importance of collective effort in biodiversity conservation and requested the government to strengthen and support the BMCs in their endeavour.

While pledging to be “Part of the Plan”, the participants took allegiance of the following:

  1. To support and contribute to the restoration of biodiversity.
  2. To be mindful on utilisation of bioresources and ensure its availability for the future generations.

Prizes were distributed to the student winners of various pre-event competition. Certificate of Appreciation were also handed to 16 BMCs and 8 schools during the event.

The event notably adhered to eco-friendly practices, abstaining from single-use plastic materials.

  1. Post-event Celebration of IDB by organising Peer to Peer Learning visit of BMCs to Sendenyu Village: This program was held on 24th May 2024 as part of IDB event. At least 2 members from 6 BMCs were taken to Sendenyu Village to learn about the biodiversity conservation efforts, livelihood enhancing activities (coffee plantation), eco-tourism activities and setting up of Biodiversity Education Centre in Sendenyu village. Mr. Ruchinlo, Secretary Sendenyu BMC welcomed the visiting team. Forest Range Officer, NSBB highlighted the significance of commemoration of IDB and on the theme to “Be Part of the Plan”. The participants toured the community conservation area, Coffee plantation sites and Nsonji Lake (Rejuvenated water body) and actively interacted with the host BMC. The whole day tour came to an end with the visit to the Biodiversity Education Centre where the community forest guard highlighted about the initiation of the centre for the purpose of creating awareness to the tourists and the local communities. The BMC members expressed that such peer-to-peer learning visits should be organised more often so as to learn the good practices and encourage each other. Awareness brochures were distributed to all the participating BMCs.

5.     Voluntary activity of mass plantation drive in abandoned jhum fields taken up Sukhai BMC:

To commemorate the IDB, two women BMC members who are also awardee of the Balipara Foundation Award 2023 under the category of “Rewilding the Indian Eastern Himalaya” took the initiative of bringing about 30 womenfolk and planted around 8000 sapling of local tree species including wild fruit species in the abandoned and degraded jhum fields of Sukhai village in Zunheboto District. In this line the Sukhai BMC is also gearing up for large scale plantation drive in degraded areas to commemorate the upcoming World Environment Day.

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