1. Mass awareness on IDB:
    Mass Awareness was created through:
    (i) Audio (Radio Talk): Mr. Supongnukshi Ao, IFS, Member Secretary of NSBB presented a
    broadcast interview in Farm & Home Programme All India Radio (AIR), Kohima on the eve of
    IDB 2023. He dwelled on the significance of 22 May in the context of Biodiversity; IDB theme- From
    Agreement to Action – Build Back Biodiversity; National event of IDB in conjunction with Mission
    LiFE (LiFEStyle For Environment) & Environment Day to be celebrated on 5 June; activities of NSBB
    towards Biodiversity conservation. He also appealed to all citizens to come forward for biodiversity
    conservation and its sustainable practices. He said that In Nagaland, the lion’s share of biological
    resources (88.3%) is owned by individuals and communities, therefore they can play a major role for
    biodiversity conservation than other stakeholders.
    (ii) Print media (Local Dailies):
     A Message by Hon’ble State Forest Minister to commemorate the IDB for creating awareness
    amongst the citizens. On the occasion of IDB the Minister congratulated every concerned
    individual and stakeholders for their key role in biodiversity conservation and protection of
    environment. His message includes celebrating IDB nationwide in conjunction with Mission
    LiFE and the upcoming World Environment Day as an action to implement the Global
    Biodiversity Framework (GBF) and that Mission LiFE is an India-led global mass movement
    to nudge individual and community for a “mindful and deliberate utilization, instead of
    mindless and destructive consumption” to protect and preserve the environment. The
    Minister urged all individuals to take part in Mission LiFE to contribute to “Building Back
    Biodiversity” for the present and the future generation.
     An Appeal was also made to public on Biodiversity Conservation and published on 22 nd May,
    2023 by the Member Secretary, NSBB. It calls on all citizens to come forward for
    biodiversity conservation to address issues of climate change, global warming,
    ecological/water/food security etc., and also to ensure availability of biological resources for
    future generation.

(iii) Printing and Dissemination of IDB Pamphlets: Pamphlet on Significance of IDB/ BD Act/
Mission LiFE were printed and distributed during the celebration at Zhavame Village.

  1. IDB Celebration at the Local Level: The International Day for Biological Diversity 2023 was
    celebrated with the theme “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity” on 22 May 2023 in
    conjunction with Mission LiFE at Zhavame Village, Phek. It was organised by the Nagaland State
    Biodiversity Board (NSBB) in collaboration with Razeba Sudents’ Union (RSU), and the participants
    include the Razeba Public Organisation, Village Councils/ Women Organisation/ Youths/ Students’
    Union of Zhavame, Zelome, Tsupfume Village and Razeba (Ad hoc) Town.
    The welcome address was made by Shri. Tho-o Shupao, Zhavame VDB Secretary, where he
    welcomed all the participants while also thanking the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board for
    organizing the event in Zhavame Village. Smti.Mochilü Lea greeted the gathering on behalf of
    Razeba Public Organisation where she shared a quote by Edward O. Wilson “Biodiversity is most
    valuable but least appreciated resources”.
    The keynote address was delivered by Mr, Khotuo, NSBB Consultant stating that the IDB is declared
    by the United Nation and is celebrated globally every year to create awareness on biodiversity issues.
    He highlighted about the theme “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity” which is
    drawn from the adoption of Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and that India is

leading a global mass movement as Mission Life which is an initiative to nudge individuals and
community for a “mindful and deliberate utilization, instead of mindless and destructive
consumption” to protect and preserve the environment. He also highlighted about the National
Biodiversity Act, 2002 and emphasized on the roles the Biodiversity Management Committee has to
play in managing and conserving their bioresources.
The Special Guest, Shri. Velatso Demo, IFS, Working Plan Officer, Forest Dept, in his speech shared
about the impact of loss of biodiversity, loss of top soil, destruction of forest and wildlife. He stressed
on the importance of soil and that the loss of top soil will have negative effect on crop production. He
also shared about the importance of trees in sequestering carbon and that burning of wood, forest fire
etc. are contributing a lot to global warming which in turn is disturbing the balance of ecosystem. He
urged the community to sustainably use their natural resources and that one should ensure these
resources are passed on to the future generations. He also quoted the book of Genesis from the Bible
which mentions that God created man on the 6 th Day after creating everything and that this indicate we
need all these natural resources to exists. And, therefore it is everyone’s duty to protect Nature and
stated that it is no one’s right to destroy it.
The program was enlightened with a folk song by the Zhavame Folk Group and competition such as
Story narration on best conservation practices amongst 4 villages; Painting & Essay writing
competition amongst students and Open photography contest were organized as part of the
celebration. The winners were awarded with certificates and cash prizes.
The gathering also pronounced a strong pledge to protect the environment and to follow environment
friendly habits.
Shri Paosu Shupao, President Razeba Students’ Union pronounced the vote of thanks and the program
ended with a plantation drive in the village area by the participants. The program was chaired by Shri.
Ngapunyi Albert Krocha.

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